Last Day at Boquete

The next morning, we slept in, and pretty much rolled our late breakfast into lunch, because that’s what we do.  The plan was to pick up lunch to eat on a hike.  However, it took a while to find a place that was open on New Year’s Day (Boquete Sandwich Shop).  We picked out the menu, ordered, we decided to just eat in.  Distracted by the family debate on whether to get a dog, we suddenly noticed an hour passed by and our sandwiches and ceviches still did not show up.  Very “hangry”, we nearly canceled the entire order.  Just then, in typical Panamanian fashion, the kids’ sandwiches were served and consumed by the time our ceviche arrived.  We inhaled our food and went on our way to hike the Pipeline Trail.


It’s a really easy, beautiful hike, with 1,000 year old trees that ends with a rewarding  waterfall.  The entire hike takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. We celebrated our last night in Boquete with a dinner at a Peruvian restaurant, Casona del Cuzco, where once again, the food was served in time increments.  The girls were happy with their plain buttered pastas, Zach really liked the beef stew. I was satisfied with Spanish style grouper.  Chris’ sea bass was a disappointment.  However, we both agreed that they made good Pisco Sours! The cottage was insect-free when we returned that evening except for a little roach that crept up Zach’s pajamas. To my great surprise, my son was upset when we ordered the little guy’s execution by toilet flush instead of release to the wild. I didn’t feel the same when I saw one under my bed and gladly used the fly swatter. That night, we were remotely entertained by a local neighbor, who supplied live music  until 2 am.  My new Beats earphones came in handy!