South America


This is a trip that was in the making for a long time. Peru did not disappoint. The planning took a few months, gathering tips and advise from fellow bloggers, Trip Advisor forums, and local travel agents.  If you embark on a travel adventure through Peru, there are some things you should know before you go. 
The Peruvian currency is Sole.  The ATMs are widely available, however not all of them take American debit cards.  Use the ones with a GlobalNet logo (they are usually yellow) if you run into a problem. We went through a lot of cash – markets and stores will give discounts if you use cash, tipping for guides, cabs, restaurants – tipping is expected from tourists and very much appreciated. 
If you are traveling to Cusco or Puno, even if you don’t think the altitude will affect you, it probably will.  It seems to affect everyone to some degree.  Drink coco tea and bring some Advil to help with the headache. Some hotels offer oxygen. 
The water in Peru is not safe to drink.  Bottled water was provided free of cost at all hotels and lodges that we stayed at.  In Lima, the water is filtered and purified.  But we decided not to take the chances. 
Toilet Paper 
When you are touring in the more remote parts of Peru, TP is not guaranteed, neither is the flushing toilet or the running water in the bano.  Do yourself a favor and put a travel size hand sanitizer in every bag you will carry with you, along with some tissues. 
We felt Peru was very safe.  We were never remotely uncomfortable (except when driving in Lima’s traffic, but more on that later). 
If you speak even a little Spanish, it will prove to be very beneficial.  For the rest of us, there is a universal language of gestures and a Google translator. 
The standard is 220v, though some hotels have outlets for 120v.   Apple devices can be charged in both,  for everything else, bring an adapter. 

And last but not the least, here is  a great book to get you excited about visiting Peru and Machu Picchu. Mark Adams, Turn right at Machu Picchu. 

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