Bocas Del Toro – Day 2

This morning, we decided to do a guided jungle tour to check out the wildlife. Willfredo, our guide, mentioned that it may get muddy at times. I immediately donned my all occasion suede Pumas in favor of a pair of water shoes that Willfredo dug out from somewhere around activities desk. It got muddy as soon as we stepped off the main road. Zach decided to save his shoes and change into flip flops, but the rest of the crew just went with the flow, or with the mud.

We saw a few three-toed sloths and a lot of red frogs! Even though we didn’t see that many animals, we had a great walk back along the beach.

Back at the resort, we had a chill lunch at The Palmyra, an off the beaten path restaurant right on the beach. The adjoining lodge offers morning and afternoon yoga classes for $10 pp, surfing lessons and tours.

For our last night, we wanted to go to Bocas Town to shop for souvenirs before dinner. I negotiated the fare with the private taxi (The girls rode free which saved us $34 round trip) and 15 minutes later we were on Bocas dock after dropping a few folks at Bastimentos – just like a taxi.

Bocas Town

A town with two main streets, supermarkets every two blocks, who are all owned by the Chinese and a few tourist shops. We walked around for a bit, looking for a place to eat and settled on a French restaurant, L’Histoire. The aroma of something opulent cooking, enveloped us as soon as we walked in and the food did not disappoint, except that my deliciously roasted chicken was not cooked all the way through and had to be re-made, which meant my dinner finally arrived after the kids were almost finished with their dessert of chocolate mousse. The upside was that the rest of the diner was quite good and very economical.  The $65 tab included grilled lobster, two glasses of wine and two hamburgers. It was a nice goodbye to the last part of our vacation before returning to Panama City.